One highly configurable solution is here to handle all your Human Resources needs, from pre-hire to retire.

Increasingly — in organizations of all sizes — the roles, responsibilities, and challenges of finance and human resources are overlapping. As an organization reaches 50 employees, they run into a maze of compliance, tracking and reporting issues that demand a cutting-edge, comprehensive solution that moves beyond simply processing payroll. Press Gold Group’s HR Information System consolidates your payroll data with human resources providing you with a fully integrated tool for managing your workforce.

The real-time data provided by iSolved drives better employee decisions and eliminates many cumbersome paper processes, driving down the costs and complexities of managing your workforce.

Our solution supports the workflow needed to allow you to input, store and report all types of employee data, from salaries to training, paid time off, and performance reviews. Whether you want to track certificates’ and licenses’ expiration dates and set up e-mail alerts, or pull compliance reports, iSolved is the answer for all of your Human Resources needs.

Employer Compliance

Navigating the compliance maze is a workforce management challenge for all businesses today. The Affordable Care Act, FMLA, ERISA, COBRA, FLSA and more make it incredibly difficult for employers to ensure they remain compliant and avoid costly penalties. With iSolved, you can easily build the reports you need to make critical decisions, identify trends, recognize trouble spots, and gather employee data needed to analyze your company’s compliance.

Performance Reviews

iSolved has the ability to perform peer-to-peer and subordinate performance reviews. Between the highly configurable reporting and multi-level performance management capabilities, our solution makes performance reviews easy and efficient.

Executive Dashboard

You need visibility into critical workforce intelligence to stay on top of trends and make informed decisions. Press Gold Group’s Executive Dashboard instantly provides a view of your company’s labor trends and metrics without needing to build reports or export data. With iSolved, your workforce data can be easily sorted by pay group, location, date range, department, or employee type.

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