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Built from the ground up in the cloud, our secure, cutting-edge payroll processing technology ensures your payroll is processed efficiently, accurately and quickly. From the simplest payroll to the most challenging union reporting, labor distribution, or complex tax filings, Press Gold Group makes processing your payroll easier than you ever thought possible. We will save you time and minimize your noncompliance risks. And, you'll love the Anytime, Anywhere Access that gives you ultimate flexibility.

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Our unified time and attendance technology empowers your employees to record, track and monitor all their work-related activities to deliver better outcomes for your business. Comprehensive yet flexible functionality automatically tracks meals, breaks, and overtime, calculates and manages comp time, sets up geofencing to track employee locations when they clock in and out, monitors errors, and manages other time policies for complete and accurate time cards. And, you'll love the reduction of costly overtime pay with our automated real-time monitoring and alerts.

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Human Resources

Automate and simplify human resource management with highly configurable data management tools and unified reporting. Eliminate paper HR files, automate manual tasks, streamline your HR workflows and unify all corporate communications in a single solution. Turn your HR department into a strategy center that is focused on building culture, improving productivity and staying ahead of workforce shifts. Today's human resource professionals need all the advantages they can get.

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Managing employee benefits has never been so easy! When you utilize our unified technology to automate open enrollment and mid-year changes you increase employee engagement and simplify everything. Manage deductions, enrollment and carrier communications from one robust solution.

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Our Talent solution makes it easy to attract, recruit and onboard the people you need. This recruiting, hiring and onboarding module streamlines the process and eliminates duplicate entry. Configurable workflows help ensure that your team completes all steps your organization requires. Our customizable onboarding allows you to collect as little or as much information from new hires as you want.

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Exceptional client service combined with a strategic partnership with iSolved — a nationally recognized leader of HCM solutions — Press Gold Group delivers the industry’s best combination of leading technology along with a locally-based, professional and hands-on client experience.

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